Feast of Sekhmet and Bast of Isheru

I celebrated this a few days early due to my odd schedule, however now is a great time to post it as today is the Feast of Sekhmet and Bast before Ra and tomorrow is the Feast of Sekhmet and Bast of Isheru!  

The reason I’m focusing most on the latter is because as a syncretic deity, Bast-Mut hails mainly from Isheru, and thus I am taking this festival and celebrating Her upon it (as well as Sekhmet, but I didn’t have Her statue with me!)  While I don’t know much about the festivals, all I know is that I’m going to celebrate them my way, and I’m going to enjoy myself and give lots of thanks and offerings to the Netjeru!

We start at the shrine.

I set up my travel shrine within the hotel room, covering up anything I didn’t need to see, such as that coffee pot behind the towel.  It made a nice little backdrop in which to set my icon of Bast-Mut down. With electric candle lit, libation water offered, dark chocolate pretzel bark and delicious cheeses and crackers set before Her, I sang an offering song and sat in Her presence for a time.  I let these offerings sit until it was time for the true Feast to happen.

And then the feast begins!

I ordered food delivery of some delicious tacos to share with these two Goddesses!  There was some difficulties involved in picking up this food in which hotel keys didn’t work, elevators were slow, etc, but once I was able to get back to the room, we enjoyed this feast and I enjoyed the company of Mother.

All in all, I consider the festivities to have been a success!  It was mostly impromptu, but I made it work within my limits of being in a hotel, traveling, and not having much to give.


Appearance of Bast of Ankhtawy

I have abnormal working hours due to my job, and so it happens I have decided to celebrate the Appearance of Bast of Ankhtawy a couple of days early!  Perhaps this early write-up can provide some sort of inspiration for your own festivities.

After I settled down into the hotel and got myself together, I set up my little Bast-Mut icon at the windowsill to enjoy some sunlight.  This was Her “Appearing,” as she was in the window and visible to those who could see her.  That was one offering to Her, the warmth of the sunlight and a prime sitting place to watch both me and the world outside.

I put the beautiful scent of potpourri next to Her as well as my rattle in which I was going to do a little bit of singing and noise making to welcome Her forth.

In the fading sunlight, I walked across the street to Subway to get some food, which I offered before eating myself, as well as a cookie to present to Her as I offered some written prayers to be granted.  After my offerings, I took my rattle and did a little song and dance, with the window still open mind you, because this is Her Appearance and while I’m dancing and singing for Her, I’m also not to be hiding myself.

With all said and done, I reverted the cookie and closed the curtains so that She could still watch over the world before I put the icon and items away before my bedtime.

All and all, even though it was short and sweet and simple, it was a pleasant little celebration and I was happy to do take part in this for Her.