Feast of Sekhmet and Bast of Isheru

I celebrated this a few days early due to my odd schedule, however now is a great time to post it as today is the Feast of Sekhmet and Bast before Ra and tomorrow is the Feast of Sekhmet and Bast of Isheru!  

The reason I’m focusing most on the latter is because as a syncretic deity, Bast-Mut hails mainly from Isheru, and thus I am taking this festival and celebrating Her upon it (as well as Sekhmet, but I didn’t have Her statue with me!)  While I don’t know much about the festivals, all I know is that I’m going to celebrate them my way, and I’m going to enjoy myself and give lots of thanks and offerings to the Netjeru!

We start at the shrine.

I set up my travel shrine within the hotel room, covering up anything I didn’t need to see, such as that coffee pot behind the towel.  It made a nice little backdrop in which to set my icon of Bast-Mut down. With electric candle lit, libation water offered, dark chocolate pretzel bark and delicious cheeses and crackers set before Her, I sang an offering song and sat in Her presence for a time.  I let these offerings sit until it was time for the true Feast to happen.

And then the feast begins!

I ordered food delivery of some delicious tacos to share with these two Goddesses!  There was some difficulties involved in picking up this food in which hotel keys didn’t work, elevators were slow, etc, but once I was able to get back to the room, we enjoyed this feast and I enjoyed the company of Mother.

All in all, I consider the festivities to have been a success!  It was mostly impromptu, but I made it work within my limits of being in a hotel, traveling, and not having much to give.


Three Years of Thankfulness

What are you thankful for in this religion?  How are you blessed?

It’s been nearly three years since I’ve been a Shemsu of the House of Netjer.  Three years of having this wonderful family in my life and also having my amazing Gods in my life as well.  Time seems to have gone by in a flash, and yet it feels as if I’ve known everyone forever.

Slowly I’ve been working up to meeting my Kemetic family in person, and it feels amazing to put a face to these people who I feel connected to in a spiritual familial way.  Everything peaked when I visited a smaller member-hosted Wep Ronpet celebration, and right away I felt at home and blessed.

I am so thankful for everyone in this community and I’m truly blessed in that we all support one another in many different ways.

I am thankful to have my gods in my life who love me with everything They have and support me through this lifetime and every lifetime that may come.

I am blessed in that I have found a path that fits my needs and fills my life with so much love and joy.

I know that as I continue on this path, I’ll have many more blessings and many more reasons to be thankful for the time I’ve spent in this community, and I hope that I can give back those blessings in return to others.


Before Ra She is Angry

Today is a Procession of Bast Before Ra, She is Angry.  We are meant to bring beautiful and delicious offerings before Bast to be in Her favor during this day, and yet, it’s late and I have some other things going on.

I cannot, in this state of tiredness, do much for the anger of Bast.  However, I did wind up doing something right by Bast-Mut today.

I started a keto diet recently and was doing good for a while, but then I needed food bad (I live in various places as a flight attendant, commute to another state, don’t have my own car, etc) and cheated on my diet with Chinese food.  WOW.  

Ever since I had cheated on the diet, I felt HORRIBLE.  I felt guilty.  I was putting myself down.  I WAS EATING MY HEART.

I cheated more.  More guilt. More heart eating.

Today, in lack of proper food, time, and more guilt for having eaten cereal for breakfast (the only thing I had), I didn’t eat anything until just now.  Roughly 12 hours of tiny snacks and a small bowl of cereal.  I was starving myself for lack of proper keto food.  For guilt.

My real mom knocked a bit of sense into me, as we were following the diet together, and told me basically to screw the diet, you are starving, you need to keep your metabolism going.

And then as I sat here eating my sandwich and dedicating it to Bast-Mut, I finally felt that jab of an angry goddess who has been teaching me AGAINST eating my heart these past years.  I thought I had finally gotten over it but here I was, doing it in a different way.

So while this has nothing to do with the festival, it does have to do with an angry Bast-Mut.  She is angry because She loves me so much.

And as we share this sandwich together, guilt-free, I feel that yes, I have appeased her.

I am Beloved

While the website was born as a desire to round up information on Bast-Mut, it has turned into even more than that.  It has turned into a blog in which I can share my experiences, and know this, my experiences aren’t limited to just Mother alone.

I am beloved of two wonderful Netjeru, both Mafdet and Heru-sa-Aset.

They tend to fall more on the quieter spectrum (save for that one week after Wep Ronpet when Heru was buzzing around with energy!), but they are no less important to me in my life.

Mafdet comes to me, sometimes with the head of a cheetah, sometimes a serval, and She usually means business.  I’ve seen Her described as a “smaller, pointier, Sekhmet,” and gosh that is just so true!  I know there is some warmth there, She’s not business all the time, and yet I feel She always has my back and that I am always protected by Her.  She is primal, fierce, strong.  I still work to understand Her fully and I feel Her through emotional impressions.

Heru had also been quiet for a couple of years, and only recently did He speak up.  After Wep Ronpet, I felt so much energy coming from Him, and our communication was amazing at that point.  He would ‘talk’ to me, and I get him strongly in visuals and also emotional impressions.  I received a very delicious cookie at a hotel during that week and oh boy did He want that!  He got His cookie and He was pleased.  He is a King, and also has serious business to attend to, yet I do get more of a playful side to Him.  He likes to joke a little and tries to keep things more lighthearted.  Still, He protects and watches over me.

I’m considering making each of them their own little page on this site as I have done with Mom.  They deserve all I can give them for all the love and protection they have shown me.

Time to Listen – KRT

God radios: How to live with one, how to live without one. What happens if the reception is bad, or the gods quit responding?


One of the biggest parts of learning to communicate is learning to simply listen.

With all your senses, listen.

Netjer will speak to you in different ways, in different forms, in different feelings.

When I first started communicating with deities, I realized I had been blessed with a very strong “godphone.”  I hear the voices of my Mother, not with my physical ears, but in the form of an internal dialogue.  Most of the time it’s accompanied by different feelings, based on Her own.  It took me quite some time before I was able to trust the voices in my head as being those of the divine.  Discernment is something that is VERY important to any spiritual practice which involves spirits and deities.

Heru-sa-Aset talks more in images as well as some words.  There was one instance where I was in a semi-meditative state and we were playing chess together.  It was pretty lucid!  Mafdet rarely speaks, but I feel her in image flashes and emotions.  She is like a burning flame just out of reach.

Netjer can be subtle.  They can speak to you in pictures, in synchronicities, perhaps a certain song on the radio at a certain time.

This is where I stress it again.


Provide an offering and open yourself up to communication in all forms.  Take notice of anything that might be different, out of place, or at the right place at the right time.  Watch the flicker of a candle as you speak to your deities.  Learn to use a pendulum, or even work with the tarot cards, in moderation.  Often times they prefer us to listen to them directly.  It’s ok to trust the images and impressions you get in your mind!  Just consider them for a time first before you jump to conclusions that it was a communicated message.

You don’t have to hear your gods in words in order to have a relationship!  Sometimes the signal comes and goes, but that doesn’t mean that your gods have left you.  Just because the communication dwindles for a time, and mine has on occasion, it’s important to keep praying and keep listening.  They are there, they are paying attention, but perhaps they want you to take this alone for a time.

And if your communication becomes too good? It’s important to set boundaries and stand up for yourself.  They will understand!  Don’t feel that just because a god is bothering you for something at a bad time, that you need to drop everything and do it.  Take care of yourself.

and Listen.